Bodywork since 1880

The "First Dutch Wooden Wheel Factory H.J. Van Rooyen and Sons" is founded in Montfoort. In addition to the production of wooden wheels, various wooden goods were manufactured, including wooden chopping blocks, especially for butchers.

Production further evolved from carriages to cabins (bodies) and loading beds for trucks. In a later period, tour buses were manufactured, a highly esteemed and well-received product. The name was changed to Van Rooijen Carrosseriefabriek (Van Rooijen Body Factory). The last accomplishment was the development and construction of the "Odyssee" (touring coach)

The company is acquired by Den Oudsten Bussenfabriek from Woerden, a well-known regional bus factory that aimed to develop and build tour buses in Montfoort. Due to the small scale, this endeavor never became a significant success.

Transformation into a modification company for light commercial vehicles under the name "Den Oudsten Specials." The modifications included features such as double cabins, contractor versions, raised polyester roofs, interior fittings, and cargo space interior paneling.

CityBOX is born

The first closed, fully complete box body left the factory. It was quickly mounted onto the chassis by bodybuilders. A completely new concept in the bodywork industry was born with the product name "cityBOX"! The slogan at that time was: "Buy today, drive tomorrow." The basic concept laid down then still largely holds true today. In the first production year, 400 units were delivered to dealers.


CITYBOX becomes independent. After a management buy-out, the company CITYBOX was established. Under the name "New Generation," the market share was significantly expanded (over 25% in 1998), and exports were increased. Unique at that time was the extended warranty period of a remarkable 3 years!

Turmoil ensued in the period from 2001 to 2004. After various takeovers, CITYBOX regained a solid foundation in 2004, following a restart in 2003.

Strong growth since 2003

Since 2003, new formulas have been introduced. One of these formulas concerns the "Turn Key" delivery of enclosed cargo bodies on vehicles to importers such as Iveco Netherlands, Pon's Automobielhandel, General Motors, Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands, and Renault Trucks Netherlands.

Starting from the order placed by the importer, CITYBOX manages the entire process up to delivery at the commercial vehicle dealer through its dealer network. This strengthens the relationship between the bodybuilders and the commercial vehicle dealers while ensuring the latter of good service and maintenance

Starting in 2008, CITYBOX expanded its production facilities at a new location. This relocation resulted in a logistical advantage, leading to a more efficient and environmentally friendly production process.

At the 2017 IAA in Hannover, the New Model cityBOX, named the New Line, was presented to the European audience for the first time. A revolutionary body, with a construction entirely made of aluminum instead of steel, heralding a new era in body structures. By the end of 2017, the first bodies based on this new concept were delivered, and by mid-2019, more than half of the delivered boxes were of the new model. Both models, New Generation and New Line, are still being produced in parallel.

By the end of 2019, the cityBOX product celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over this period, the product has achieved a distinct status in the Benelux region and has been the market leader in enclosed cargo bodies for many years. Throughout the year 2020, this achievement will be celebrated extensively. In honor of this jubilee, cityBOX will feature a special and festive logo for the duration of the year, replacing the official logo.