The ECO-Light is characterized by seamless sandwich wall panels and an exceptionally low own weight. This makes the ECO-Light the ideal solution when loading capacity plays a major role. The smooth fiberglass-reinforced surface also makes the outer walls extremely suitable for signage, while the inner walls facilitate effortless cleaning. A high level of durability due to the 100% recycled PET foam reduces the ecological footprint. The high-quality materials ensure a long lifespan and optimized usage.

The lightest one

Effortless cleaning


ECO-Light, when every kilo counts...


By utilizing 100% recycled PET foam in the walls and aluminum that's 70% reused, a product is created that's unparalleled in terms of sustainability. The low self-weight also leads to significant fuel consumption savings and enhances economic usage. Furthermore, the extended lifespan contributes to a sustainable solution.


De ECO-Light is standaard al de ultralichte variant door de uitgekiende PET-wanden. Voor verdere optimalisatie van het laadvermogen kan gekozen worden voor nog verdergaande gewichtsbesparingen. Denk hierbij aan aluminium bindrails, een kunststof stootrand en een zelfdragende composiet laadvloer. Onze dealers en wij denken hierin graag mee!

Application range

The well-engineered balance between the robust smooth wall panels on one hand and the low self-weight on the other makes the ECO-Light an ideal solution for various purposes, including laundromats, bakeries, florists, catering, transportation of white and brown goods, courier, express, and package services, as well as home delivery in both food and non-food sectors.

Download the ECO-Light product leaflet HERE (English)

Read below to learn more about the many applications of the ECO-Light.


One of the most leading solutions are the JUMBO delivery vans.



CityBOX also offers a suitable solution for package delivery for PostNL.



Voor Reggefiber hebben we een fraaie mobiele informatiestand gerealiseerd.

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