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Welcome to the cityBOX world

For over 30 years, this exquisite Dutch product has been distinctive on an international level. Located centrally near Utrecht, cityBOX serves numerous customers throughout Europe and even farther away. The cityBOX is characterized by its unique design and guarantees a long and durable lifespan. As a result we have been the market leader in the Benelux for over decades now.

The cityBOX is available for each vehicle and can be customized according to your personal preferences. The vast amount of options enables the end user to adapt the cityBOX entirely to its transport needs for an optimized user experience.

As both manufacturer and supplier, we consider the top quality of our product as paramount. That is why we will never do any concessions and keep raising our standards. The golden combination of short delivery terms, a lean and flexible organization, a state of the art design and an international dealer network all contribute to cityBOX being key in meeting your transportation needs.



The cityBOX befits practically any application in the field of transport. This is partly due to the lightweight aluminum subframe, which ensures optimal strength and maximum payload. The continuous further development in weight saving makes the cityBOX an absolute champion in terms of payload.


Quality assured

We fully back our product and hence will never do any concession to our quality. This enables us to provide a full three year warranty on the cityBOX. Like no other, we understand the vital importance of relying on a first-class product that never lets you down. That’s why the cityBOX has been one of the leaders in this field to this day.


Customer focus

The high level of innovation permits us to meet almost every customer’s wish and demand. Our sales and engineering departments will do the utmost to serve each individual customer with a best possible tailor made solution. Our in-house production and development facilitate this. All this is realized in a continuous dialogue with you.

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